Style Guides

Fraggle Rock Style Guide – Style guide developed in celebration of the 20 year anniversary of the Fraggle Rock show which aired on HBO. The guide contains photography, design elements, illustration, reference materials and packaging guidelines, all to design product with.

The Hoobs Style Guide – A graphics identity program created for The Hoob’s, a children’s television show on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom. The Style Guide contains 100 pages and 2 CD’s with spiral binding, and has a foam die cut cover featuring the shows main characters. The book is filled with photos, illustrations, patterns, borders and packaging guidelines, to aid in product development to support the show.

Bear in the Big Blue House Style Guide – This Style Guide was designed to be a reference tool for licensees of the Jim Henson Company to develop product based on this popular children’s television show featured on the Disney Channel. The Style Guide is spiral bound, 148 pages with 2 CD’s complete with illustration, photography, graphic elements, reference materials and packaging design.

The Swedish Chef Mini Style Guide – A mini style guide featuring the Muppets Character The Swedish Chef, was created as a visual communications tool for licensees to use to develop product. This guide contains illustration, photos, design elements, packaging guidelines and product design. All this is housed in a 20 page booklet that fits into a CD jewel case along with digital assets on CD. Featured is the booklet cover and selected spreads.

Muppet Babies Mini Style Guide – A small Style Guide that is compact enough to fit into a CD jewel case, this Muppet Babies Mini Style Guide serves as a starting place for licensees to develop product. This booklet design is 20 pages total. The cover, and 3 spreads are shown above.