Consumer Products

The Muppets Animal Watch Design Concepts – The Jim Henson Company was interested in developing a watch that could be used as a corporate gift. These watch designs were presented featuring Animal, one of the companies most popular characters.

Jim Henson’s Muppets Mint Tins – These mint tin designs were created for licensee Boston America Corp, and feature illustrations of beloved Muppets characters. The tins were sold at specialty gift stores in the United States.

Jim Henson’s Bear in the Big Blue House Fan Club Kit – This fan club kit was designed for sale at The Disney Stores. The kit features a sing along video and fan related printed materials. When the video is removed, the outer package bares (no pun intended) the fan club logo. The 2 package designs were married together so that they work independently or together as a complete kit.

Kookin’ Wit Du Chef Kitchen Product Line – A complete line of kitchen products developed for BOSCH, a home appliance store in Germany (where The Swedish Chef, of The Muppets fame, is adored). This traditional checkered tablecloth approach was a  perfect fit for The Swedish Chef. . .who is, well,  a little less so!

The Hoobs Featured Consumer Products – Developed in conjunction with many UK licensees, these sample consumer products are just the tip of the iceberg. Countless numbers of products were created to support The Hoob’s, a children’s television show which aired in the United Kingdom on Channel 4. Featured are children’s dishes, cups and utensils.

The Hoobs Yogurt Packaging – Created for Arla Foods based in the United Kingdom, this packaging design was developed to promote the English Children’s Television show The Hoobs. Featured is a yogurt 6-pack and  individual yogurt packs.