Poster Design

American Library Association Vampirina Poster – Poster and bookmarks (not shown) designed for distribution at libraries across America, to encourage kids to read.

The Swine Who Snagged Me, Muppet Parodies Poster – Created for retail sale and featured in Muppet Parodies Calendar. 

Superman and Wonder Woman Poster Designs – 2 posters designed for DC Comics to promote the new writer of both Superman and Wonder Woman. Posters are to be distributed at the San Diego and New York Comic Conventions.

Tiny Titans Poster Design – Tiny Titans poster was designed to promote a new kids comic created by DC Comics. The target audience is much younger than the average comic reader, so the goal was to make the graphics feel friendly and welcoming.

Batman and Robin Poster Design – Created to spotlight two of the hottest creators in the comics book industry.

Northlanders Poster Design – This Poster was designed to promote the new comic book series Northlanders created by Vertigo Comics. The direction is monochromatic to reflect cold Nordic tone of the story.